Largest Grouper in the World!

Weighing in at 3,180 pounds and measuring 20 feet long, 14 feet tall and 10 feet wide, we truly have a BIG Ugly Grouper here on Anna Maria Island! The sculpture was made by Tampa artists with Rustic Steel Creations from components of used cars, Harley Davidson motorcycle's, and various found objects. Come see it at the Ugly Grouper Bar & Grill!

Sculpture Components:

  • Motorcycle rotors

  • Indiana license plates

  • Florida license plates

  • Muffin tray

  • Shock absorbers

  • Industrial light shaders

  • Horseshoe

  • Piston rodes

  • Chrome bumper

  • Chrome exhaust pipes

  • Flywheel Stop sign

  • Motorcycle fenders

  • Salad bowls

  • Chain saw guide

  • AC top

  • Spatula

  • Stainless steel chain

  • Motorcycle foot rests

  • Motorcycle chain

  • Hearts

  • Tray flames

  • Number 8

  • Copper cooling system

  • Crock pot top

  • Air vents

Artist Statement:

"The creation of the UGLY GROUPER all started with the vision of the chrome teeth, sommer teeth, some over here and some over there. I had the exact pieces for the teeth, a chrome GMC truck bumper, all I needed was that one inspiration and go from there. The huge Bug Eyes speak for themselves, also an inspiration from Finding Nemo, eyelids composed of Harley Davidson fenders, the motorcycle rotors which the fins are composed of add a great dimension to the piece. Various found objects is what most individuals will be able to identify immediately and most of all can and will relate to. This fish is a Happy Fish and going to a Happy place, even though he is called the Ugly Grouper he will never be forgotten, this will be a major photo op for all who stand in front of him."

Join the many fans of the Ugly Grouper!

Stop by the Ugly Grouper when you're on Anna Maria Island and be sure to send us your photo in front of our sculpture. We would love to get a photo from someone traveling from all 50 states! 

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Open for Dine In & Take out

MON-SAT: 11am - 10pm

BRUNCH: SUNDAYS 8am - 11am

Anna Maria Island's The Ugly Grouper, 5704 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, FL

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