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Press Release - August 18th, 2020
FRLA Certified
FRLA Certified

At The Ugly Grouper, our main goal is to create a dining experience for our guests that they cannot find anywhere else. We take pride in creating an atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Our open-air dining includes live music every day, a place you can bring your pets, family friendly game areas, amazing local seafood, delicious smoked food, craft beer, signature cocktails, Ugly Grouper retail shop, staff that feels like family, and our iconic, giant Ugly Grouper statue. The Ugly Grouper statue is featured in thousands of photos from families all over the world! Not only do we want you to have an awesome dining experience at The Ugly Grouper, but we want you to feel completely safe while doing so.

We are proud to announce that we are one of the 1st restaurants in our area to receive a Seal of Commitment from Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association for safety and sanitation standards.

All of our staff has completed training courses for: Alcohol Compliance, Safe Food Handling, and FRLA COVID-19 Sanitation & Safety.

Masks are mandatory to enter The Ugly Grouper and to be worn by our staff at all times. For safety, we have created touch-less menus by using QR codes, our sanitation procedures have been updated and The Ugly Grouper gets professionally deep cleaned regularly.


Soon, all of our managers will be CPR Certified, as well.

We hope to see everything start going back to normal, but in the mean time, we want you to know how serious we take this pandemic and that you can count on us for a safe, fun, dining experience.


The Ugly Grouper is open for dine in and take out services from 11am-10pm every day. You can also enjoy The Ugly Grouper for breakfast on Sundays from 8am-11am.


We hope to see you soon!

The Ugly Grouper

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